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*Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa all awake to find themselves in there own cells. Its a dark room with the only lights above each one of there cells.

Homer- (nervously) Where are we?

Bart- Where ever it is, its better than our house.

Homer- Why you little...(Homer tries reaching over to Bart)

Bart- ha ha

*A Shadow figure with a deep voice reveals himself. He is sitting in a chair by a machine with lots of buttons.

Shadow- Good evening Simpson family. I bet your all wondering why your here.

Homer- (Sarcastically) No why would we want to know that?

*Shadow pushes a button and it shocks Homer.

Shadow- You are here because you are the worse family that anyone has come across.

Homer- (Sarcastically) Really, I thought we were the Brady bunch.

*Shadow again pushes a button that shocks Homer.

Shadow- Any hoo, I'm here to personally torture each and every one of you. Starting with you Homer.

*Homer looks scared

Shadow- You a dumb fat idiot

Homer- oh....I shouldn't of put that in my facebook bio.

Shadow- So for your torture, I'm giving you a free donut.

Homer- Woo hoo!

*Shadow pushes a button and a table pops up from the ground. On the table is a container with a donut in it. There's a little door and on it has the word pull spelled backwards.

Shadow- That is if you can get it.

Homer- (Homer tries pushing on the door) Doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh! (tries again) doh!

Shadow- As for you Marge you are a very devoted housewife.

Marge- Why thank you.

Shadow- I mean you don't have much else going for you.

Marge- (Groans)

Shadow- As for your punishment I'm giving you an entire living room set.

*Shadow pushes a button and a whole living room set comes up from the ground.

Marge- Wow this is nicer than our furniture.

Shadow- Yes, and without a vacuum it will be hard to keep it clean.

*Shadow pushes a button and dust starts to rain from the top of her cell.

Marge- (Screams, she starts grabbing hand full of the dust from the ground and puts it in her pocket)

Shadow- As for you Bart I don't need to push a button because your short attention will be torture enough.

Bart- Oh yeah that's real creative. (Bart starts tapping his fingers) hm...uh....I know I just run around until I can think of something. (Bart runs around in a circle) oh....I can't think of anything. How long have I been in here.

Shadow- And Lisa the Brains. You smarts are the worse of them all. So for your punishment I'm giving you this incredibly hard math problem to do.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chalk board with a long math problem appears.

Lisa- The answer is zero

Shadow- HA HA wait what?

Lisa- its zero. See right here, anything multiplied by zero is zero.

*Shadow pushes a button and the chalk board goes back underground.

Shadow- Alright I have a backup plan. I'm just going to throw Millhouse in here.

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse comes up from the ground.

Millhouse- he he Hi Lisa!

Lisa- Well although I'm in no way in love with him, I really don't have much of a problem with him. Plus I can just take his glasses away.

*Lisa pulls Millhouses glasses off of him.

Millhouse- Hey Where'd you go?

Shadow- grr....

*Shadow pushes a button and Millhouse goes back underground.

Lisa- He he he keep them coming. Do your worse I can take it.

Shadow- hm....well you leave me no choice.

*Shadow pushes a button and a chair shoots up from under Lisa. Than two hands by the arm rest shoot up from the ground and hold Lisa in the chair. Than Two more hands come out from underground by her feet and hold her ankles. Finally a third set of arms come out and remove her shoes and start tickling her feet.


Homer- Hm...Maybe "llup" means push with your head.

*Homer slams his head into the container.

Homer- Doh!

Bart- 26, 27, 28 oh counting isn't fun anymore....A B C no that's no fun anymore.


*Millhouse is just outside Lisa cage.

Millhouse- oh no this isn't fair, let me in.

Shadow- a freebee on torturing Millhouse, hahaha

*Maggie comes crawling in and climbs on top of Shadow head.

Shadow- What the...get off me. I can't see.

*Shadow accidentally hits buttons and it releases the Simpsons. The lights flicker on and it reveals Sideshow Bob was shadow.

The Simpsons- Sideshow Bob

Millhouse- Who's Sideshow Bob?

Sideshow Bob- grr...

The simpsons being Tortured
sideshow-cellophane Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Heh. It would be funny if Lisa got her revenge by equal torture, you never see Bob getting tortured.
finkfly90 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2011
another great one
keep up the good work :)
yabamyicing2 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2011
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